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Cheefkit Curates Hip-Hop Music That Inspires People

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Hip-Hop music is known to have a positive effect on people because it creates an increased level of awareness of issues, and fosters people to have the need to succeed, and provides important entertainment that some people rely heavily on. Additionally, Hip-Hop music often provides awareness of issues that many people face in life, and it provides a source of solace for young people in need of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

For Cheefkit, he sees Hip-Hop as a potent voice to share lived experiences. Originating in the Bay Area, hip hop culture is now a worldwide phenomenon. You’d be hard-pressed to find any country that does not have a budding Hip-Hop scene. This new cultural shift is driven by two main factors. The rapid fire spread of social media has made it so easy to share and access music at any time and anywhere. Additionally, Hip-Hop is seen as a lucrative source of income, and has helped many young artists become millionaires in a short time. 

Cheefkit loves Hip-Hop because it remains accessible and grassroots. At the simplest, one can make a beat with their mouth, even beatboxing or create/recite lyrics about anything without even having to sing. Moreover, it is easier than ever to distribute music easily by using cost-friendly, music creating software and hardware allows for more involved participation and reach, which accelerates flexibility in creativity and even pathways to entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Cheefkit believes that Hip-Hop can be used as an agent to give a voice to marginalized communities around the world that resonate with the existing exclusion of discrimination that comes with fighting equity and justice. To learn more about Cheefkit, visit his instagram. Additionally, he has a song out on Apple Music here.