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Meet Mr. TrapNB, Sig H. B.

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Sig H.B.’s music career began in none other than Zaytoven’s legendary “Mama’s  Basement”. Bay Area (Northern California) but musically raised and bred in the Atlanta, it was only a matter of time before Sig was introduced to Gucci Mane. An instantaneous vibe created some of your favorite street classics and anthems! These soulful street collaborations between Sig and Gucci is how Trap R&B was born. Coming up in the mixtape era, Sig H.B. graced us with two mix tapes: “Listen Up” & “Trap & RnB”. Sig’s music began to be staple in the streets and in 2015 Sig dropped “Trap & RnB 2” shortly after relocating to LA. This is where in 2019 Sig was sought out to join Kayne West’s “Sunday Service Collective.” Singing with Kanye has given Sig the opportunity to sing and travel the world. All in the same short timeframe, Sig released his Ep “Can’t Back Down” a fan favorite. Delivering yet more sexy sultry anthems in 2020 his new single’s “My Heart “ and “You Deserve” produced by Zaytoven. In 2021, Sig is set to release ‘Late Night Foundations’ on October 27th which is a full introduction to him to the world.