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Kertasy Cancels Tour Due To CoronaVirus Pandemic

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Kertasy has been planning a 10 + stop tour prior to the pandemic but as it turned out the pandemic has put a pause on that; but moving forward there is still some light to come for his untitled tour. After the recent success of his viral video on YouTube “Tik Tok Shake” it is not surprising the labels are knocking on his door making offers; but currently Kertasy has allegedly declined all offers.

Kertasy has not only headlined many performances across the East Coast but he has opened for notable acts such as Lil Kim, Sean Paul, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Stunna 4 Vegas, Quando Rondo, Lil Tecca, Honey C & Presher plus many more.

Kertasy feels as if the New Jersey music scene isn’t as poppin as more popular hip-hop states such as New York, Atlanta or California but he plans on travelling more and keeping in mind his target audiences by studying the statistics and analytics of his social media and streaming platform insights. Will Kertasy officially announce his tour?; we will have to find out but for now just check out his video even though we are pretty sure you have already heard it !

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