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Tyler Trappy Is “Mr. Magoo” In Latest Single

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Rising Florida rap artist Tyler Trappy is back at it again with his latest single Mr. Magoo. The eclectic & controversial artist is back after taking a break from music. The new song comes on the heels of songs Dogged Out, You A fool, & Handsome released earlier this year. Tyler Trappy has made a huge impact as a gifted music artist throughout their career so far. We recently caught up with Tyler Trappy and asked him a few questions:
When you started making music, how has your life changed?
It has helped me gain a lot of money through the internet. I love and appreciate all my supporters that are always reaching out to me or sending donations. I love all the recognition I get and I also love taking pictures with my fans when they notice me in public.
How do you think the COVID-19 pandemic altered the music industry? 
It took away chances of doing live performances all year, It is also taking away a lot of money that could’ve been made. We all could be doing better if this wasn’t in the way.
What would you tell upcoming artists trying to make it in the music industry?
There are going to be a lot of people that want to see you fail. Coming up as an artist sometimes all you get is hate, but don’t ever let it change you. If it wasn’t for my haters, I wouldn’t even be relevant!
To keep up with Tyler Trappy, you can follow him on Twitter @tylertrappy.

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