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How Artist Mu Diamonds Overcame His Hardships to Dominate the Northeast Music Scene

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By now, everybody knows how difficult life can be, but it is up to them whether they decide to get up and push on or stay down. For Andre Yarbrough, there was no doubt that he would continue to persevere. Even when he was placed in a wheelchair and people had abandoned him, Andre decided to carry on, building a new life for himself as a musician under the name Mu Diamonds. Today, he is proud to say that he made it, running his own label Dynesty Entertainment and producing music.

Mu Diamonds is a native of Buffalo, New York, where he was exposed to a life of violence. The lifestyle prompted him to find comfort in music, a common resting place for many children in harsh environments. He started to rap at 14 years old, joining his friends practice and polish their lyrical gifts to instrumental music. But no matter how far he ran, the violent lifestyle would eventually get to him.

Diamonds fell into the vicious cycle of crime when he grew older, a choice he now regrets as the artist wound up in jail. His life would spiral even further when he became a victim of a drive-by shooting that left him paralyzed from the waist down after getting shot twice. “That really has been the hardest struggle of my life,” he revealed. Yet, even when Diamonds entered the darkest time of his life, the world continued to put him through more trials and tribulations as his loved ones left his side.

His hardships would have left many others withdrawing into shells of their former selves, but Mu Diamonds was not like others. Taking the negative experience together, he started to hustle and build his music career. Diamonds established a strong following in over a decade with unparalleled determination, drive, and vision, taking the northeast by storm. His music connected with the audience, many of whom share his experience in the inner cities and hoods. Following the footsteps of the rappers before him, Diamonds was able to provide a modern-day looking glass into his life story, one that many can share. 

As an artist, Diamonds’ music and drive can easily distinguish him from other rappers in the area, as his overwhelming hunger to rise above everyone else can be reflected in his lyrical genius.

“Since the drive-by shooting, I have to work twice as hard as the normal human being that can move about without issue,” he said, “I want my music to inspire others that they can reach their dreams and not worry about labels. Just focus on talent and the music they hear.”

Since his rise to the throne in the northeast, Mu Diamonds has established his own label called Dynesty Entertainment. The artist dubs his label as something more than just bricks and wiring, creating an environment that has brought together a family-oriented group. Diamonds uses his label as a sanctuary for artists looking for a place to build their careers.

Recently, Mu Diamonds has finished producing his EP album Memories & Moments and is set to launch it online on Halloween. He is also optimistic about the future of his label as he strives to uplift others who lack the resources. Additionally, Diamonds hopes to join the entertainment future.

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