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Hollyboi Sav Releases Debut Single Titled “No Hook”

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Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Hollyboi Sav did not let the effect of the pandemic get in the way of his plans to pursue a music career as a rapper. Instead, he used it as motivation to launch his debut single titled “No Hook.” The song is now streaming on all major streaming platforms, and is attracting quite a following due to its engaging melody and the artist’s remarkable songwriting.

Born Yusuf Hedrington Jr., the rising artist understands that he is just one of multiple aspiring rappers who want to be known. The competition is tough as well. But if there is one thing that makes him stand out, it is his inclination towards quality over quantity. “While most musicians these days release a lot of rushed music I like to give myself that extra time to perfect my craft and produce quality hits. I’ve done shows all over south Florida and networked with a few DJs from 99 Jamz Radio Station,” the rapper explained.

Hollyboi Sav is from the small city of Libera in East Hollywood. He was born in the Virgin Islands and was raised by his grandparents. Some years later, they relocated to Broward County where his early musical influences started to shape his personal taste in music. After hearing the demo tape of his father as a young boy, it was then that he thought of creating his own.

Hollyboi Sav has always been a fan of hip-hop music growing up, and people also saw how gifted he was. Early on, the people around already saw that he had the makings of a promising rapper and that he ought to use his talents to pursue a music career. It was the encouragement of the people around him and his personal struggles when he was growing up that collectively inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. It is apparent that his love for music is genuine, and that he will dedicate his career into adding value to it for future generations to enjoy.

Determined to establish himself as a respectable hip-hop music artist in the industry, Hollyboi Sav is making it his personal goal to become a very successful rapper in a few years. He intends to be one of the rappers who will grace the top 10 in the Billboard Charts and make a lasting legacy to the next generation. Apart from growing his music career, the promising rapper intends to actively support causes with programs designed specifically for children. He believes that investing in the lives of children early on will make a whole lot of difference in the future.

Through his music, Hollyboi Sav hopes to become a personality young people can look up to, someone that will remind them to never give up on their dreams no matter how big they may be. For those who are also aspiring to be in the music industry, Hollyboi Sav wants them to know anything is possible so long as they put their mind into making it happen.

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