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Lor Sosa Taps Soulja Boy For Upcoming Song “Drake”

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Soulja Boy and Lor Sosa have an amazing song coming out October 22nd titled “Drake.” After putting in hard work for all these years, the rising rap star got a major co-sign from Big Soulja! Speaking on the song, he shares, “Once I knew it was possible to make the collab happen I got straight to work sourcing a beat. At the same time, I was also given the opportunity to work with producers from Tate Kobangz’s “28” production group.”
Speaking on selecting the beat, Lor unveiled, “I had 10 beats and the beat I chose stood out to me. A good fitting beat sticks out to me, it moves me, it inspires me to be a part of it. This one did that for me. I was in my living room with my studio equipment when I chose it. I made the first version of the song “drake” with the intention of presenting it to Soulja Boy. Then I redid the hook once I got his vocals back to make it match his verse. I was able to re-record and mix the record with “Tillie” from QC. Once I heard Soulja Boy and others tell me “this hard,” I knew it was going to make waves.” Not too long ago, the two gave fans a peek of what’s to come on Instagram here!
Check out “Pink M&M’s” by Lor Sosa below and keep your eyes peeled for his new song with Soulja Boy soon.

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