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Sammy Rigaud: A Rising Star Has the Potential to Become an Icon in the Music Industry

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Sammy Rigaud grew up in North Miami, Florida, started experimenting with music when he was five years old and began recording music in middle school. He would find it easy to put hooks and verses together smoothly and amuse his peers. The independent Hip hop artist who is also a teacher and speaker has so much love and passion for music, and the most intriguing part of music for him is being able to tell his life story through rap music. He finds the beauty in telling a story through singing. Sammy Rigaud is an artist with an ear for unique sounds that will make heads turn. He is coming out with a new children’s book with an album coming out this Fall 2021 that will be like no other song he’s come out with before. He will be worth the follow on Instagram @sammyrigaud and Spotify to keep tabs on his latest hits.

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