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Tara Electra’s new single “Moments” encourages you to make the best use of your moments

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The latest single from Tara Electra, “Moments” has generated quite a buzz on the Internet. Fans of the genre are losing it over how good the song actually is. It truly speaks volumes of Tara’s talent to create music that is a massive hit. 

Tara is able to show us a new side of house music. It is something that we have never seen in the music of other artists. Her unique style of melodies and musical composition creates a listening experience for her fans. Anyone who listens to her music is left speechless by how good the songs actually are. 

Rumor Records have worked with Tara Electra to produce her new track. In their effort to bring out the full potential of the track, Rumor Records have left no stone unturned. Their efforts can be felt when you listen to the song. 

Follow the link below to listen to Tara’s music on Spotify:

You may also check out her latest EP. If you want to view more of Tara’s works, go to:


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