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Stand strong, stand fast with Tankovitz’s new single “Unbreakable”

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Tankovitz shows us that music can be a source of strength if you let it be. You can rely on it during times of weakness, sorrow, and even in times of happiness. Her new single “Unbreakable” is a testament to that claim.

Tankovitz started her career as a fashion designer. She is a person who is not afraid to stray away from trends. She is a strong woman who is unafraid of other people judging her. She does what she feels is right and lets nothing stop her. Her new track “Unbreakable” feels like a claim of that.

“Unbreakable” hit the charts a few weeks ago. And it has held its position for many days without fail as the news hit. Like Tankovitz, herself her track is also unbreakable, unwavering, and unforgiving. There is no doubt in our minds that this is why fans seem to enjoy “Unbreakable” and Tankovitz so much.

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