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New Group Alert: BANQ BOYZ of B.O.A.B ENT Emerging from Detroit, MI

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Consisting of four talented members, Stixx Dinero, Wugatti, Pee Rada & KMR DA Focus, Banq Boyz are ready to take over. They are the next supergroup  blowing up on the hip-hop scene. The Banq Boyz sound is a sound of their own authenticity and originality. Their stage presence is an exciting burst of energy that rappers of today no longer exhibit. One reason for the group’s success is that they have a strong family bond. The group is made up of 3 brothers and a cousin. That is what makes the group’s bond unbreakable. Their breakout hit titled “City Man” did well and was a tribute to the state of Michigan where they were born & raised. The video was shot at U of M which is one of the most prestigious colleges in the US.

The Banq Boyz represent the original Detroit Classic style. Their image reflects Mink Coats, Cartier Glasses and Mauri gator shoes. This group is going to be a success that the world will be enjoying watching and listening to their music. The group is managed by Kim D. of Electric Elevation ENT. Please click the links below to view social media contacts, YouTube & streaming sites.




Banq Boyz IG

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