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Find what’s causing the tension in the air and eliminate it with Alcohol Hero’s new hit single “Tension”

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Alcohol Hero has well exceeded the expectations that had been placed on him previously. Alcohol Hero has amassed a musical talent pool as a result of his exposure to various genres of music through artists that perform at his parties. No one anticipated his releasing “Tension” and it becoming the next big thing in house music.

Alcohol Hero is a relative newbie to the world of music production. His sounds, on the other hand, contradict this. He has a way with music that is difficult to describe. To really appreciate it, you must listen to it. And once you do, you begin to see him in a new light. Then you see why people are starting to notice his abilities and capabilities.

With the support of Rumor Records, Alcohol Hero developed and mastered “Tension.” They’ve always let the work of an artist speak for itself. They believe that an artist’s attempt to communicate emotions through music is significantly superior to all other popular mainstream music. Their decision has paid off, as evidenced by the success of “Tension.”

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