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Let your body move to the sound of Melrose’s new single “Move Like That”

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Have you ever wished you could experience the excitement of a party from the comfort of your own home? No matter where it’s played, Melrose’s new single “Move Like That” sets the scene for dancing and partying. The song is groovy and funky, as the name says, and it has gotten a lot of attention from fans.

“Move Like That” is a fresh take on house music. It makes you want to dance while still remaining musically unique. It’s unlike any other EDM song you’ve ever heard. It’s not like the vast bulk of music. And it’s one of the things that sets Melrose apart from his rivals.

This single was produced by Melrose in collaboration with Rumor Records. They did a fantastic job with “Move Like That”. Aside from that, they also assisted in the production of Melrose’s debut EP and two additional tracks. This partnership was a match made in heaven because it provided us with such interesting songs to listen to.

Melrose’s Instagram account may be found at in order to keep up with his work.

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