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Iyana Irie’s RIse To The Top As A Female Artist

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American rap artist Iyana Irie was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but is now making a name for herself in the Atlanta rap scene. Writing and recording for over 5 years now, Iyana has been consistently working on her music and growing as an artist, and is now ready for the world to get to know her through her music.

Being a young female artist in a male-dominated field is no easy task, but Iyana is doing it with ease and making career moves left and right. She has taken a grassroots and organic approach to growing her brand, letting the art speak for itself. This is really paying off, as fans are gravitated to Iyana and her magnetic personality and clear musical talent.

Iyana has set herself apart from the rest in the industry by being a student of all different genres. She takes inspiration from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, and often turns to 70s soul music as a way to deal with stress and burnout.

To those coming up today who might be following in her path, she stresses the importance of finding your own voice and style, and always believing in yourself and your talents.

This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from this up-and-coming artist, and you can hear more from Iyana and her latest projects on her Instagram.

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