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Miles Minnick is on a Kill Streak

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Christian Hip-Hop Star Miles Minnick has been tearing it up lately. Dropping banger after banger and posting 1 million streams on an EP he released earlier this year, Miles Minnick is here to stay. Releasing hit records such as “W.Y.T.” With nobigdyl. and Pluto with 1K Phew, Miles Minnick has shown no signs of slowing down.

Based in the Bay Area and embracing that hard 808 West Coast vibe, it has shown to be a successful style for the young artist, Christian Rap on the west coast is very active but it’s no overstatement to say Miles Minnick revolutionized West Coast Christian Rap.

What’s next from Miles Minnick is a mystery but we have seen hints of a record called “ioneedum” on his Instagram. Stay tuned @miles.minnick

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