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1st Class Bets the Face of Sports Betting

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1st Class Bets has taken the internet by storm, frequently trending on Twitter for their unbelievable win streaks and A-list clientele. From celebrities to professional gamblers, 1st Class Bets has established themselves as the go to service for sports betting advice. Headlines about their clients’ 6-figure winning weekends in Vegas can be seen splashed across the front page of the biggest news outlets in the country. If you see a celebrity placing a big bet on a game or the next fight, odds are they used 1st Class Bets.

1st Class Bets has been on a roll as it grows in influence and popularity. While these A List celebrities prefer to remain anonymous, 1st Class Bets has been trusted by some of the biggest names among athletes and influencers. Their most popular service by far is provided during Football Season, where their NFL and NCAA win percentages are over 80%. Some of the biggest bets of the year are placed from September to February with 1st Class Bets advice and 6 figure bets from their clients have become the norm.

Currently, they serve over 15,000 clients in over 100 countries with 20 years of sports betting experience. What has set 1st Class Bets apart from other handicapping services is their win percentage. While most American sports bettors have a 10 percent win percentage, 1st Class Bets has up to 8 times that number at a consistent 80 percent. Across the various leagues, the betting platform has an average win rate of 85 percent in the NFL, 83 percent in NCAA Football, 80 percent in the NBA, and 81 percent in the MLB.

“We have set numerous records for clients cashing out the largest sums of money ever recorded at sportsbooks,” shares the company’s CEO. “Clients have bet with us through a season of sports and have walked away with millions of dollars in profit.”

The company’s betting platform is quite simple and highly intuitive. Users can sign up for an account in just a few minutes right from their phone and instantly gain access to 1st Class Bets Prime Pricks, Whale Plays and Parlays. All bets aren’t simple selections based on a “gut feel” or “magic manifestations.” Instead, the 1st Class Bets has a team of analysts that rely on statistics and previous performances to develop their winning picks.

With such a high average win rate, it’s no wonder 1st Class Bets have gained so much attention. While sports betting may seem like gambling to the uninitiated, 1st Class Bets has shown their clients going with them is no gamble. 1st Class Bets takes pride in its unique packages and sports betting options that have given many of its bettors the chance to win big. The company has established itself to be the best sports betting company globally while staying committed to the level of winning and success they have provided their clients thus far.

Some of the world’s biggest bettors have aligned themselves with 1st Class Bets, taking Vegas sports books with nearly $500 million every year across various sports.

1st Class Bets has become a dominant force in the sports betting industry, growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. If their celebrity clientele and online presence is any indication of their success then 1st Class Bets is sure to have a bright future.

Learn more about 1st Class Bets on its official website.

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