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A YEAR OF OCTOBERS, Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN’s Debut Album, Proves That Art Can Heal in Times of Uncertainty

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As the world recovers from the COVID ravage, it’s becoming evident that art can connect, heal and unite. Art is a powerful tool that creates awareness in day-to-day life, helping you process your life individually and with room to unite with other people. It’s an avenue to share experiences and find what connects you with the rest of the world. During times of uncertainty, art pops up to amplify the voices of justice, unity, and togetherness that the world needs to conquer a common enemy.  

Over the years, art has proved to have the means to heal emotional and mental injuries while increasing the human understanding of oneself and others. This is evident in Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN’s debut album, “A YEAR OF OCTOBERS,” which truly proves that art can heal in times of uncertainty.

A YEAR OF OCTOBERS” is YOUNGMAN’s debut album, entirely produced by Celestaphone. It’s a sensational album, an anomaly genre fusion of punk and hip-hop. The album is a well-produced masterpiece with thrilling songs that are gradually taking over the hip-hop scene. The rapper-producer duo combined minds to develop the classic collection of hits despite the tough COVID times.

The duo attests to producing most recordings during the peak COVID moments where gatherings and movements were highly discouraged and prohibited. Undertaking the project at such a time transformed the journey into a highly emotional ride for everyone involved in the project. Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN attest to having discovered how great art can be a healer during times of uncertainty. The entire world turned to music for refuge, and it proved to be a universal language, healing their hearts.

The production of “A YEAR OF OCTOBERS” helped create a unified purpose for YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone. The project did not stall but continued from remote locations within the realms of long-distance communication. They also employed the use of portable computers, an interface, and performance mics to help them record at various non-studio locations. However, not being in the same physical location took extra diligence to execute certain things.

Fortunately, “A YEAR OF OCTOBERS” has come out a success, surpassing their expectations. The album is already ruling the airwaves, gaining traction across the hip-hop scene.

YOUNGMAN is an alter ego of electic lyricist MC Paul Barman, Paul has rhymed as the character for several years but this is his first full project under the nameBarman is also known for inventing a word currently in the Oxford English Dictionary via his hip-hop lyrics. The rapper has also worked with numerous artists in the hip-hop scene, among them the late MF DOOM. Barman has had several collaborations with the legendary rapper, a sign that they both acknowledged each other’s musical talent. Paul testifies to having discovered alter ego YOUNGMAN during one of the sessions with MF DOOM. Essentially, the character was passed down to Barman.

Together with Celestaphone, the renowned record producer, the duo seeks to continue ruling the airwaves with more prolific music releases and reaching new listeners.  

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