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Why Rising Musician Gio Franklin Is Set to Become a World-Famous Recording Artist

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There are two types of people in this world; those who wish and those that act. Superstar Gio Franklin is the perfect example of someone in the second category. From a young age, Gio experienced a lot of death in his family. At barely 10, his stepdad  died, leaving his mother a single mom who raised Gio alone. 


Several cousins and uncles died later in quick succession. Angry and hurt, Franklin used his grief as fuel to improve his life. He concentrated on athletics and music and swore to get to the top someday. 


In high school, Gio played football. He actually received the Athletic All-American Honors when coming out of school. He then went on to play for the Netflix series “Last Chance U” in Independence, Kansas. Then, as a freshman, he tore his ACL before the season began. 


Shortly after that, Gio decided to take a break from school and focus on music. He dropped his debut album“G STAR, which garnered a lot of attention in his home town Kansas City, MO. In the summer of that year, he decided to move to LA to concentrate fully on making music. 


In LA, a lot of important people, like gaming creators FazeClan, loved him. Before long, he got booked for a tour with artists GASHI and Tinashe. Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened, and that tour was canceled. 


Meanwhile, Gio met Adam Quinn, the CEO of The Apex Agency. Adam, who has a great eye for talent, had just launched a record label. He took Gio under his wing and showed him how to become a success. Gio also met celebrity vocal coach Nick Cooper. He worked closely with him to release his album G STAR 2 this year.


Currently, Gio and Cooper are working on another project. He is also planning to do business with Quinn and his record label, Apex Records. Quinn is going to announce the list of A-list artists who are signing to Apex soon.


Speaking about his journey, Franklin attributes his success to several things. First, he points out that he never lost his childhood dream. He believes anything is possible. No matter what you decide to do, shoot for the stars. 


Second, Gio believes in a genuine willingness to overcome life’s challenges. When he suffered his football injury, he moved on to music. Recently, his favorite aunt died, and his cousin committed suicide because of the grief. While he still grieved, he did not bury himself in sadness. He still showed up and worked on his projects even in his pain.


Finally, he has enviable self-drive. As a former athlete, Franklin knows the impact of self-motivation. He has carried it over into his music. He makes a wide variety of music that anyone can listen to. While he is mainly a singer and a rapper, he believes he can do anything he puts his mind to. He does not restrict his songs to one genre but dabbles in everything. 


True to the promise he made himself many years ago, Franklin is rising fast. He is focused on being amongst the biggest stars the music industry has seen. Multiple Grammys in many genres and some Oscars are firmly in his sights. And then someday, he wants to own a music label or talent agency of his own.


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