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R&B and Hip-Hop’s Masked Musician: Weku Did That

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The multi-talented music producer, musician, creative director, and cinematographer Weku Did That is causing quite the uproar. The masked producer recently produced a record on multi- platinum selling singer-songwriter Mickey Shiloh’s “SIMP” Album and has been currently working with one of Atlanta’s rising stars Rene Bonét, to foster a new wave of music that he has coined as “Trap Rock”. This new genre of music is infused with heavy electric guitars, hard hitting 808’s, and melodic instrument arrangements that give you something familiar but fresh, modern, and incomparable to anything out right now. The Nigerian-American talent also released an Instrumental album titled “The Case for R&B”, in which he mixed classic, alternative, and pop styles of R&B production, to cater to singers who are looking for more of a nuanced or eclectic style of production.
To add to this his acumen as a creative director and cinematographer is truly impressive. It Is rare that you meet an individual doing that many things and outputting quality that high. His latest two visuals with Rene Bonét, which he also produced were recently featured on REVOLT TV, further proving that he is moving in the right direction with style and poise. Managed by Novelty Publishing Group Weku Did That quotes, “I attribute my success and growth to being with a great team. I know I do a lot; however, I cannot do everything. I firmly believe that when you have a good team, things simply flow like water. Novelty Publishing Group has provided me with a great team”.
Weku Did That has set himself apart from the crowd not only due to the incredible output of work, but also due to the fact that few have actually ever seen his face. He is known as that music producer and director that wears the mask. Whether he is in the studio producing another hit record, or on set directing, he is wearing his signature full face mask. Not everyone is bold enough to put on a full mask and walk around all the time, but this is why he is unique and apart from the rest. One thing that I can surely say is that his work ethic should be seen as an influence on anyone wanting to do music or film, and it is exactly what is needed if you aim to make it in the film and music industry. He is making it very hard for people to keep up, and he is definitely someone you should keep your eyes and ears on. Check out his latest Visuals and music through some of his social media handles below.
IG: @_weku
Twitter: @wekudidthat Facebook: @wekudidthatofficial

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