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Xanny Luck Continues To Captivate Viewers With New Video For “Cellular”

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Xanny Luck, a growing young musician aiming to punch his ticket to the top of the music industry, comes from New Jersey, which is regarded as a hotbed for hip hop music performers. Xanny Luck has climbed above his contemporaries and is ready for his moment in the spotlight, thanks to a unique mix of talents and the ability to make any type of music. Xanny Luck’s latest music video for “Cellular,” which is a must-see, is a big step in the right direction towards progressing his career.


Rari Digital directed Xanny Luck’s “Cellular” music video, which takes you on a visual journey from beginning to end. Rari Digital’s work enhances the music with well-timed neon distortions that create an alien atmosphere and make Xanny appear to be from another planet. With his inimitable poems, Xanny Luck takes us through his life and demonstrates his one-of-a-kind poetic skill. Xanny Luck and Rari Digital are able to tell a tale from start to finish using only a few essential locations, showcasing the utter brilliance that both artists in their respective fields have at their disposal.


The music video for ‘Cellular” has been a big move for Xanny Luck here in the early stages of his career. He is beginning to separate himself from the pack and standing out above the crowd in an industry that becomes more and more saturated every day. Be sure to pay close attention to Xanny Luck as time goes on, as he is only moments away from getting his big shot.


Watch the “Cellular” music video on YouTube here.

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