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Jaraiyia Alize’s “The Piano Man” Is Out With A Bang!

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Jaraiyia Alize’ is the new revolution in town! She entered the Top 200 Apple Music song charts in August 2021 for the first time as a conqueror artist bent on conquest. As a native musician from Danville, Illinois, she is disrupting the R&B and Hip-Hop streets and is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next most promising songstress.


Behind every action, there is a force. And guess what? Behind Aleze’s success, there has been a push. This visionary woman draws her inspiration from icons such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Anita Baker, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. She will soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists of the month on streaming and more.

The Love For Music

Music runs her veins. She believes that it is music that connects us to beings and wishes to connect everyone. Alize’ loves music from cultures and walks of life.

Her music is also unique. That is what differentiates her from the rest in the industry. She always wants to uplift, guide, educate, and heal the world.

Alize wants a lasting legacy to be an artist that healed the world. And yes, indeed, he is working towards achieving this goal.

The Piano Man

Jaraiyia’s first project this year is out. It is dubbed “The Piano Man” and is set to release soon. This project conceived by Jaraiyia Alize and her team was a way for her to connect with her ever-growing fan base that is special leveraging blockchain technology. You can purchase the NFT collection here and access Mps audio files for The Piano Man Single, The Piano Man artwork, a High-resolution copy of The Piano Man music video, and High resolution The piano Man NFT. You can also purchase it via M&G Collections and Rarible.

You can connect to Jaraiyia on;

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