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Ljak Makes Art Through Music That Paints His Originality to His Fans

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Rare rappers like up and coming talent LJak are blessed with a mind that can create images with words as an artist with a brush.


Born to a Caribbean mother and American father, Linwood Jackson Jr. came up in the city of Boston, Massachusetts where he found a passion for hip hop. In his youth, musical influences like Tupac, Eminem, Xscape, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J molded the foundation upon which his career would flourish. By 2010, LJak was in his late teens finding his own identity as an artist. His progress into the music industry came to a halt when the music he created was one of anger and lacking substance. LJak would put down the pen, finding redemption as an author and poet who went on to publish three books before rekindling his passion for music.


The difference this time around was internal. LJak had found his individuality as an artist and began turning lyricism and melodies into musical art reflective of greats like Georgia O’Keeffe and Alice Walker. His music was therapeutic and educational, both to himself and fans alike. With enlightenment of self, LJak dedicated his focus into his latest album, “Self-Esteem” which represents the “I” that is within him, as a young man, poet, and musician. The album produced by Pesic Beats and Eduard Vladtu promises to be LJak’s greatest work, surpassing any musical body of art over the last five years. Every piece of the puzzle comes together to form an experience like none other. The delivery, sound, words, all work in unison to tell a story of religion, conflict, joy, and sorrow engulfing Ljak’s life.


“Self-Esteem” is a reflective album with innovative expressions that will impact audiences for a lifetime. Follow LJak and stream his album that not only can be heard, but felt. 





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