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Grinding Like A Pro: Is This Artist IamSnap The Next Big Thing?

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IamSnap has been rising in 2021, and soon he is going to be on everyone’s radar. Everyone loves his music on Spotify because of its uniqueness. These songs talk about his life. The musical style is often dark as he talks about depression, anxiety, and drug addiction. However, he also has songs that carry a feeling of nostalgia. 

IamSnap has been working tirelessly on a video for his song Sick Love, which is a highly raw, real, and hard-hitting portrayal of the life of a heroin addict. This song was released on the 25th of august and will be available on all music outlets soon. 

IamSnap has been collaborating with many household names in a career spanning two decades. He has been crushing it and making new records daily. 

This artist prefers money over fame. He believes that God made him wait patiently to mature so that he may handle money carefully. His journey to success has not been a walk in the park. However, he acknowledges every failure and mistake he has made since it prepared him to be where he is today. 

Born in Brisbane and raised in Canberra, Australia, IamSnap grew up in a troubled environment. He got into drugs when he was still a youth. He did rehab in 2008, where his talent that began in high school flamed up. IamSnap, also known as Shannon O’Brien, started taking music seriously. 

He often slept on the street to pay for his studio time and pay for his beats. He even stole from the supermarkets to eat. Every effort to push himself to the next level seemed not to bear any fruits, causing him to quit in 2016. He then started a painting business but unfortunately started suffering from extreme anxiety and depression and felt missing. In 2019, at the age of 38, IamSnap picked up the pad and pen again. At first, he was doing it for the sake of my mental health, but one year later, In 2020, he charted in the Billboard charts four times. 

IamSnap has been grinding 24/7. He is looking forward to bringing more releases and surprises to the music industry. 

IamSnap – Sick Love (official Music Video)

What has sustained him at the top of the music is his discipline. Also, this artist is hardworking and persistent in what he does. Everything he does with passion and patiently waits for results. His creativity is the reason his fans always want to listen to him. Additionally, IamSnap is a visionary man whose future will disrupt the music industry like has never been seen before. 

IamSnap has also stood out as a mentor to the young artists just starting in the industry. You can also connect to him for one-on-one interaction with him on the social media platforms below. 

 Instagram @iamsnapmusic 

Facebook @iamsnap6

Twitter @iamsnapmusic1

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