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Mb Longmoney Explains the Scenes behind His New Hit Single “Humble”

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Music delivers the soul to the universe and gives the mind wings, flight to imagination, and life to everything. The music industry is what the world needs to make it a better place. However, it is never an easy ride maneuvering to the top of this saturated music industry, with most “artists” being in it only for the cash. Here, Mb Longmoney helps us understand the long journey of coming up with the hit song “Humble.”

Mb Longmoney is a renowned recording artist who also doubles up as a songwriter mainly focusing on the hip hop genre. He recollects how the long journey through the tough and competitive music industry began way back in 2013 as a rap group before they decided to split and go independent. This was a time when most local Chicago artists were landing great music deals. In the following years, Mb Longmoney released a few singles. He, however, acknowledges that the big thing did not come until 2020, when he collaborated with Platinum rapper 147 Calboy for his hit single “Humble,” which was released in February 2021.

Within a few weeks of release, “Humble” hit the US and global music charts and climbed to as high as the 8th spot. Longmoney believes this is just the tip of the iceberg, and his fans should expect more compelling music soon.

Mb Longmoney cites the importance of “behind the scenes” of his hit song. He says songwriting has to focus on your target audience and understanding what they love most. Listeners are the judges of this industry. Mb Longmoney believes in focusing on the details and coming up with a unique blend of aesthetics and influences. He has even tried to incorporate the natural hip hop touch into the melodious tap scenes in the hit song.

Mb Longmoney stresses a lot on the choice of collaboration for this hit song. Calboy provided him the much-needed edge as a collaborating artist. His unique voice added a deserving touch to the mix. Mb Longmoney insists that the creativity endowed in this hit song is one of the main reasons the song attained international and local recognition. He adds that most artists put less efforts behind the scenes, leading to poor quality of music.

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