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Matthew Siegal’s latest song “IDRK”

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Since its release, “IDRK” has been breaking streaming records. Matthew Siegal’s success has been attributed to the song. For that reason, one cannot but admire his talent and talent.

The new EP that was released recently contains two other songs along with “IDRK”. The other two tracks being ”Energy” and “Lost”. They all act as part of a set, with each track playing a specific role, instilling emotions that you didn’t think a song would be able to.

Able to incorporate various different sounds and bring them together to create a harmonious song is the true talent of Matthew. And you can really hear that harmony in his new song “IDRK”. It comes together in a harmony that puts your mind at ease.

The release of “IDRK” has made Matthew the trending artist on all social media platforms. Based on his raw talent and skill for music, he is making it quite clear that we should brace ourselves for the hits that he will be releasing in the future.

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