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Elevate your senses with JordanJohn’s brand new single “Elevate”

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JordanJohn has shocked the music industry with the release of his brand new single “Elevate”. The song takes the listener on a journey to another plane. The song has been such a massive hit that it has turned Jordan into a superstar overnight.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Jordan had an aptitude for music since he was a kid. His father was a DJ and was one of the influences that helped Jordan shape into the musician he is today.

Jordan John has a deep understanding of music, which shows in his song “Elevate”. The song lets us gauge the raw skill that Jordan has in house music. The use of music elements belonging to melodic techno shines through in this track.

If you are looking for the next superstar in house music, then look no further. JordanJohn is sure to blow your minds away with his music. He has also released two other songs this year: “Drip” and “Myth”. To get a fresh taste of house music, we recommend checking him out.


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