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LilTonyRose Is An Artist To Watch Out For Following His New Project “The Rap Therapist”

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Music has long been a form of art that many use as a medium to get their feelings and or thoughts off their chest. It gives many with a quiet voice, the opportunity to have a voice that is understood, and that’s ultimately what got the rising artist LilTonyRose to start making music. LilTonyRose began his musical journey back in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. At the tail of June, the creative released his latest full-length album, “The Rap Therapist.”

LilTonyRose’s ability to write lyrics and produce such emotional, realistic, and vibey songs is second to none and it shows throughout “The Rap Therapist.” The project consists of 11 songs that any fan listening to can appreciate and like. With tracks like “Greece,” “Spin My Record,” “I Live,” and “Last Time I Checked,” “The Rap Therapist” is an album with a lot of versatility.

LilTonyRose is a very active artist that releases new music frequently and keeps his fans on their toes. With albums like “The Rap Therapist,” and future releases only to get better, it’s just a matter of time before one of his projects takes off and puts the creative on the map for good. Follow LilTonyRose’s journey on Instagram and check out his latest album!

Follow LilTonyRose on Instagram: @liltonyrose

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