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Ray Kirk Offers Up His Latest Release “We Made It”

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Emerging out of Osaka, Japan is talented young hip hop artist Ray Kirk who is looking to earn some stain in the music industry in 2021. Having begun to perform when he was only 14, Ray Kirk has had the opportunity to do shows that little to no new artists get the opportunity to do. Using those key moments to shine and prove that he has what it takes, Ray Kirk is well-equipped with the skills to make it in today’s music world. With the release of his latest single “We Made It” Ray Kirk has a lot of momentum rolling.

We Made It” showcases Ray Kirk’s melodious flow as he glides across the beat using pristine lyricism. His ability to create an image in the listener’s head while giving them the sense of complete freeness is second to none and becomes apparent on this track. As Ray Kirk and Brian Mcknight Jr. share the life that they live now, both can look back and say that they’ve made it.

We Made It” is Ray Kirk’s latest release featuring Brian Mcknight Jr. and it is an absolute must-listen for anyone who is looking for a nice switch up from the typical world of hip hop. Ray Kirk has been working almost his whole life for this moment and is ready to take his career to new heights. Be sure to stay in tune with Ray Kirk as you’re not going to miss any more of this legendary run.

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