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INFINITY | Official Trailer – Directed by Wanly Florexile

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The smell of freshly buttered popcorn filled the air of the Kent Theater as Wanly Florexile premiered his film “INFINITY” to a packed crowd last Friday night. With many attendees trying to recollect the last time they viewed a film in the theater, it was a refreshing experience to go to the movies again. The premiere was attended by a number of notable guests including musicians Alvakine and Que 9, music producer Backpack Ben, comedian Daniel Jean, Danny Duces, and Brooklyn Borough Presidential candidate Trisha Ocona.

The film titled Infinity tells a rags to riches story about a young man named Andrew and his dog Infinity who are orphaned by gun violence. After witnessing the death of his parents, Andrew overcomes homelessness through showcasing his musical talents and finds the success he has always dreamed of in the music business. The film offers drama, comedy, and a gritty narrative about the struggles of homelessness and the resilience of hope. The film, which is based on a true story, stars actors Wavon Waters and Hector McCoy.

This project follows Love is Blind, which is the film Florexile debuted prior to the pandemic. He continues to grow his company Flo X Films through distribution on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime. Be sure to look out for more projects from Wanly Florexile and Flo X Films coming soon to streaming services with limited theater distributions.

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