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How Kool Rula is putting Miami hip-hop on the map.

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New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta. These are essentially the three main cities that come to mind for some of the best hip-hop. What is it that makes those places so unique? Nah, it’s not something in the water. It’s the artists who make things happening! If we take a step in a different direction and head to Miami, Florida, we’ll see that a lot is bubbling to the surface over there as well when it comes to new hip-hop music. Kool Rula is one of the most outstanding local talents in the area. He is at the forefront of the local scene, acquiring an exceptional reputation and making new fans and loyal supporters with every new release. 

Not only is Kool Rula a true networking wizard, but he also knows how to add natural substance to what he does. In other words, so many artists are pretty influential at networking, but at the end of the day, they still go nowhere because they can’t leave a mark on the quality of their work at the end of the day. This is most definitely not the case of Kool Rula, who’s got many great songs and releases under his belt, backing the quality of his work and ethics. What makes Kool Rula special is that he is not just focused on a single type of hip-hop. Instead, he has the ability to channels a massive variety of influences, even capturing some melodic elements into his creative vision. After all, Kool Rula’s life-long journey in music started when he was very young. Before he became a rapper, he was a singer! 

While his tracks are outstanding and decidedly one-of-a-kind, he also developed an intuitive understanding of what it means to bring melody in a rap song, something that is not so immediate for other artists! As a result, he came up with a style of hip-hop that feels very personal and uplifting, connecting with listeners of all backgrounds. Even people who are only casual music fans and not strictly rap die-hards can appreciate what Kool Rula has brought to the table in this industry since his style is more inclusive and dynamic. The artist himself has a background that’s just as diverse as his music. He was born in Haiti but relocated to America when he was only two years old. Therefore, he was raised in Miami, where he quickly discovered music and was later introduced to rap. Inspired by some of his favourite artists, he quickly realized that making music was also a great way to express himself and share his stories. The artist writes much that is deeply connected to his personal experiences. 

Challenges can make people more robust, and in this case, Kool Rula uses his wealth of experience as a way to inspire people and even possibly guide them towards the light, showing that it doesn’t matter how dark the night ahead might seem. There is always a new, bright morning waiting and a day filled with opportunities on the horizon. This positive attitude makes his music more personal and unique, giving people a more substantial reason to connect with him and find a kinship with his songs and ideas.


Please find out more about Kool Rula, and do not miss out on his sound.

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