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2Easy Twins Drop Their Latest Single “Snacks”

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2Easy Twins are an exciting set of real life identical twin artists out of the Bronx, NY – with a new single titled, “Snacks”.

Their new track, “Snacks” shows off a different side of the diverse duo – showcasing a fast double-time flow to compliment the chill, groovy production. As the title suggests, the professionally produced, accompanying music video shows the twins surrounded by a diverse group of females – at times literally being fought over.

Always coming as a package deal, Daniel and Dante of 2Easy Twins have been putting in work together over the years honing their sound and building their brand with a number of singles and collaborations.

In 2019 the 2Easy Twins dropped their first official song, “Ima Do Me” to a warm reception in their circle. From that moment on they were both immediately on the same page that this was something they wanted to pursue. Soon they began recording songs for their first ever project, ‘The Act’ which dropped in 2019 – and since has amassed over 100K streams.

Now, in 2021 the twins are back and better. Earlier this year leading up to “Snacks”, they dropped the island dance track, “Rare” – the video for which features a second set of eye-catching, female twins to match the artist duo. The new singles are serving to set the stage for the 2Easy Twins’ upcoming collaborative mixtape with close collaborator, Zek – a project that has been a long time coming, and that the twins are super excited to release.

Check out the video for “Snacks” – and stay tuned as the 2Easy Twins gear up for the summer with multiple singles leading up to the release of their brand new project.

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