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Musically Inclined Artist Sho Underscore Releases Afro Beats Visual “Queens” Feat. Omufirika

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Queens” is a Afro Beats single that not only will bring you to the dance floor, but also carries a strong message. The new track by Hip Hop artist Sho Underscore featuring Afro Beats artist Omufirika does not disappoint. Just in time for the summer, the song promotes wanting a woman that not only can put it on her man in the bedroom but will also let a strong man lead them while carrying themselves as a “Queen” in public.

Sho Underscore hailing from Wichita Falls, Texas has a variety of sounds which includes his signature sound “Southern Eclectic”. It is described as a fusion between Hip Hop, Blues, Gospel, Country, Classical and Rock & Roll. Sho effortlessly separates himself from the rest by daring to be different while appealing to a wide demographic of fans.

It is a breath of fresh air to hear music that is fun, uplifting and has a message. With all the life-changing events going on in this world, it is a necessity to have therapeutic music, such as Sho Underscore’s unique sound, that lifts you up even if you’re feeling down.

Watch Sho Underscore’s new visual “Queens” featuring Omufirika available on all streaming platforms!

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