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Marcus Swain aka Solstice Offers Up His New Hit “pickyourpoison”

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Marcus Swain aka Solstice is an up-and-coming artist looking to earn a spot in the music industry. He has a heavily based musical background that comes from the help of his parents, who have surrounded him with different genres from a young age. Using his talents he developed over the years he is now combining those different styles of music and making a style of his own. He recently dropped a new single titled “pickyourpoison” and it is a must listen.


Pickyourpoison” puts a heavy emphasis on the instrumental portion due to the slowed and reverbed lyrics that are spaced throughout. Solstice gets his message across through the song in a unique way that is unlike any other artist in the industry. If he keeps this up, he’ll be at the top in no time.


Be sure to check out “pickyourpoison” across all platforms and keep an eye on this developing artist. It is only a matter of time before he is a household name. Now don’t miss your chance to catch the wave.


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