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5 Rising Artists that you should watch for this 2021

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2021 has been a crazy year with the pandemic still happening around the world. One bright side of the year is that the music industry keeps on thriving, giving us fresh music from different artists. And so, we have compiled 5 artists that are making plenty of buzz in the music world giving us a taste of what they can become in the future. Here are 5 artists you should watch for in 2021:

 P Nigma ( @princenigma )


Prince Nigma or most commonly known as P.Nigma is an Artist, Digital creator, Business Owner and a Podcaster who makes music from life’s journey and experiences. P. Nigma has always loved making music since he was a child and he just officially started to pursue this interest in late 2019. By doing so, he eventually found his voice and sound in the hip-hop genre.


Even though P. Nigma has just started making music recently, he has already gained fans who have recognized his talent and dedication as an artist. His slogan is ‘Chase Purpose, Not People’ can be clearly heard in his songs that allow the listeners to relate their life to it. As a result, people start following him and his activities online including his podcasts entitled N.Cast Podcast.


On June 4, P. Nigma is set to drop another fire song entitled “Not Impressed” which is a fast-paced energetic song that speaks about not being impressed by the superficial things in life. Just the perfect timing for a Summer Song. Listen to P.Nigma through his Spotify


DmtDream ( @dmtdreamofficial )


DmtDream is also known as Dmt, Lsd, Dosed, and Dream is a conscious artist who grew up on the outskirts of Flint, Michigan in her late teens. After high school, he moved to the East Side where he dove into psychedelics and music. DmtDream used music to get through some of the hardest moments in his life, and with the help of psychedelics, he was also able to see a better picture of how he wanted to live out his life. Currently, the psychedelic artist has been recognized by publications Elevator, Apple News, and Medium. He’s also a Google verified artist and amassed a total of 15,000 listeners on Apple Music, 25,000 on Spotify, and 11,500 on YouTube. 


Even though DmtDream is known for his music, he prefers to be recognized as an influencer who leaves a positive mark in his community. He does alot of projects for his community. He is dropping his first music video on Youtube with Keeping Tabs Media when he hit 80k followers on Instagram and the video is for Every Color from his E.P “My Conscience”. This will surely be something that is worth waiting for.


Catch more of DMTDream through his linktree: 


Brazy Luca ( @itsbrazyluca )


Brazy Luca AKA ICE QUEEN is a Hip-Hop Artist originally from Salisbury, North Carolina but now based in New York. Brazy Luca started as a model, dancer, actress, and brand ambassador for many different brands but later found out that her passion is creating music with style and swag. She started her career by doing covers on major artist beats such as Nicki Minaj and propelled her to discovering her own sound and shape by incorporating sharp wordplay and mercilessly blunt lyricism. 


Her most notable success is being featured as an artist on a lineup for New New York Music Festival and Daze Summit Festival. Her song “Freak Like Me” has been nominated by Ars Atlanta Radio Station for ‘Female Rap Song of The Year’. Since then, Brazy’s songs have amassed recognitions from left to right and currently she’s working on a new album titled “Spaced Out & Ice Queen ” which will be released with a host of singles in 2021.


Learn more about Brazy Luca through her website:


TELLem_IMBIZZY ( @tellem_imbizzy )


Originally from the small town of Fairmont in West Virginia, the up-and-coming artist TELLem_IMBIZZY has always had a passion for music and this allowed him to reach significant heights in the music industry. He started writing music at 14 years old, making a verse for a sick beat and would record it on the car using a cell phone. Now he has been recording in a real studio and putting out his music for the world to enjoy. His dedication to making quality music has allowed TELLem_IMBIZZY to win a local artist showcase back in 2019 which is being featured on 103Jamz, a highly respected radio station. 


TELLem_IMBIZZY’s songs have also gone global reaching the radio stations of different countries like Brazil, Germany, Spain etc. Seeing the positive feedback in his work, the music artist is ready to get himself more out there. Right now, he is working on different projects, which one of them is a new album that will be titled Rhythm N Bars Vol 1 to be released this Friday 14th of May . He also just released 3 new singles this 7th of May and we certainly can expect a lot from him this year. Exciting times for this up-and-coming artist!


To know more of his music career, visit his Instagram. 


Jertaker ( @official_jertaker )


Jertaker is a talented musician from Buffalo, New York. He began his music career by rapping and creating catchy sounds. He then drifted into multiple different genres, including R&B, E.D.M., Pop, and there are reasons to believe he will be getting into even more. He is also a content creator, entrepreneur, wrestler and is well versed in the medical field. His fans know that he is a man of many talents; since he has been in the entertainment industry since he was young, Jertaker has matured as an artist. He used to have many music rivalries or (beef) but started to humble and make connections as time went on. Ever since he began, he has already achieved many great things, such as reaching over 10K views on multiple music videos on YouTube. He also became part of the “Elite Inner Circle” of “Nomadic Sounds” and has been recognized as one of the most daring competitors in the group called “House of Trouble” (H.O.T.).


Throughout the course of his career, Jertaker has learned valuable things. Still, the one thing that rings true to this day is being truthful and authentic. Jertaker is currently planning on finishing two EPs, plenty of singles, and his first official album, which happens to be an old-school hip-hop album. With the few music releases he has had, there has been an extraordinary amount of success. His fans will definitely expect a lot of great things from Jertaker this 2021.


For more information on Jertaker, visit 


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