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Meet Yonatan Watts: The Talented Producer Behind Many of Your Favorite Musical Hits

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“I started my musical journey when I was ten years old and oddly enough, I used to sing the theme songs to my favorite Japanese anime’s and manga’s,” producer Yonatan Watts said in a recent interview. “My parents quickly saw something and enrolled me in singing lessons where I would study for the next four years.”
Yonatan Watts is here to stay and he’s showing the world what he’s capable of. The multi-talented musician, songwriter, and producer has always been musically inclined, and has the ability to express himself creatively in plenty of ways.
Just to name a few of his accomplishments, he has co-producing credits for the song “Main Thing” for American singer Ariana Grande and also is behind the production on Eric Bellinger’s “Weak All Week,” with Xeryus on guitars. His previous collaborations with Dame Dolla and Lil Durk, as well as Omar Grand and Marley W, include “Bestie” and “Lil Durk” with Omar Grand and Marley Waters.
After being born in Canada and then moving to New York, he ultimately ended up in Los Angeles after discussing the move with some of his friends.
“Los Angeles began to be a bigger discussion for me alongside my peers and colleagues alike,” Watts said. “People felt that it was time for me to start my transition there and they were willing to help me with constant flights to Los Angeles almost every month for the next two years. Over this time period, I started to work with my musical heroes such as Rodney Jerkins and Babyface as I slowly started discovering that this was the space that I wanted to be in and felt passionate making this sound. Upon my move to Los Angeles things began progressing and I started getting major label placements with Universal, Def Jam, 300, Disney and others.”
He’s gearing up to release a number of potential hits in 2021 — including debuting his work with Jordin Sparks and Tamar Braxton, among others.
Keep up with his journey @YonatanWatts on Instagram, and be on the lookout for what he has coming up next.

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