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Q&A with artist JR Chip on his anticipated single Nobodys Innocent

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What was your inspiration behind Nobodys innocent?
Nobody wants to be the bad guy when it comes to why relationships fail. Nobody wants to own up to the things that they did wrong. Everyone wants to be the victim.But everyone has a little bit of fault that they could claim. Nobody’s Innocent is me owning up to the fact I’m not Perfect.
What do you want listeners to take away when they hear this song? 
Almost everyone if not everyone has been there. In a place where you make decisions(mistakes) that hurt the person you love more than life. Some people will reminisce on past situations. Some people will reflect on current ones. I channel the melodies and flows in this song in hopes that the listener feels I’m telling their story
Completely transparent no dressing it up no victimizing anyone. NOBODYS INNOCENT
What is the storyline behind the visuals/video for the song?
I didn’t want to take away too much attention from the actual lyrics of the song. So we kept the visual real simple. DTLA vibes with some clean moody shots.
Who produced the song and did you go with that beat? 
My brother from another mother!! Ghana1kbeats. (A southern producer/designer out of Lumpkin,Ga) It was just a random night and I was going through a beat pack he sent me and the very first beat I clicked on was the one we selected from Nobody’s Innocent. Before the night was over I must have listened to it 200 times. I messaged him like 5 times that night like “BRO I NEED THIS BEAT”. The next morning he agreed and I think he was pretty happy with results when I sent track over
What makes this song different from the other singles you have released? 
For starters Eli Smith Productions has my vocals sounding better than they ever have!  I’ve definitely never sung in some of these keys learning more about what I can and can’t do in the studio.  With every release I try to create a timeless piece of  work. This song does a really good job of showing my creative growth to this point. The level of transparency might be the highest it’s ever been.

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