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ConSCious Looks To Follow Zion Williamson Foot Steps And Put On For Marion, South Carolina (Interview)

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Hailing from Marion, South Carolina and putting on, ConSCious is a talented new artist that has grabbed some attention as of late. From back to back world wide premieres with Apple Music and E Bro, to garnering major press and streams on powerful singles such as “Stop Killing Us” and “His Story PT.2”, the SC lyricist is a breath of fresh air to the hip hop industry. Already getting the attention of other notable lyricists, rappers and executives within the game, ConSCious is beginning to catch the ear of many and one listen to his music you should understand why. A powerful and unique tone with a story and want for more, ConSCious embodies the essence of hip hop and does a great job at intertwining both new and old sounds. With Zion Williamson shining light on his hometown of Marion, South Carolina with his recent Jordan release, ConSCious looks to show Marion that more talent can be found where he calls home. We took some time out to ask some questions and get to know ConSCious a bit more, check out the interview below

Early into your career you are becoming well received by the music industry, from Power 105.1 NY support, The Source Magazine, Apple Music, E Bro and more. How does it feel to get things moving out the gate like that?

It’s a blessing. Especially being from the small town of Marion, South Carolina we’re not awarded many opportunities like these. So to be recognized by these outlets let me know I’m well on my way.

Is this something that you imagined and visioned? Or is this all new to you? How long have you been rapping for?

I’ve always known that this would come but at the same time it’s still a surprise to me when it happens kinda like wow it really did happen. I’ve been rapping since 13 so about 14 years now.

How did it feel to have “Stop Killing Us” going crazy on Apple Music from editorial support to an E Bro premiere?

It was a dream come true to be honest. I watch E Bro a lot so to be even mentioned on his platform was crazy.

What happened to “Stop Killing Us”? The video and record was doing very well and then we saw someone report it?

Some personal issues that resulted in legal action. Some people just like to control the narrative and once that control isn’t obtained i assume problems like this will occur.

What was your mind state behind “Stop Killing Us”? What does that record mean to you? Talk to us about the message

Honestly my mind state was anger and disgust for the American system and how it is continuously against African Americans. That record means a lot to me. It’s a statement, it’s my frustrations in audio form.

Where did the name ConSCious come from?

It came from being in Spanish class back in high school and closing my eyes pointing in a dictionary landing on a name by fate that represents who i am and with it starting with a “C” like my first name well that helped as well. Just me always being a thinker and being aware, so it was meant to be I guess.

If you could get on a record with any artist right now, who would your top 5 be?

J.Cole, Common, Lelah Hathaway, Musiq Soulchild and Jay Z.

We see that other notable lyricists and artists are connecting with you from Nick Grant and more. How does it feel to have proven peers notice you and your efforts early in your career?

Yea he followed me on Instagram when I dropped my video for “Go” hopefully soon we’ll work. The love is always appreciated.

What are the plans for the rest of 2021?

Focus, put out an EP that’s going to shift the direction and hopefully change lives as well as mine.

Make sure to follow the artist on all social media @ConSCious843

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