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Dynamic Duo BUDDIEZ is Making the Musical Word Take Notice

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There’s nothing quite like the power of friendship. When friends with shared interests get together, they create magic, and life trajectories often change for the better. What started as a joke, a play on the brand Chainsmokers, made waves in the music industry with their first album. Dynamic Duo BUDDIEZ is making the music world take notice.
The brainchild of best friends Justin Escolana and Gianni Taylor, both from Illinois, BUDDIEZ is a pop/EDM group producing clever songs with catchy beats. “BUDDIEZ started as a joke,” laughs Escolana. “We wanted to prove that you can do anything you want in life. You just have to step outside your comfort zone to get it.”
Gianni, who has experience writing songs for major artists, writes the songs, and Escolana, with no formal training, sings them. “The whole idea was crazy, but BUDDIEZ proves that anything is possible,” says Gianni. “It’s about being creative and breaking the mold.” BUDDIEZ has a massive following and is eyeing collaborations with the world’s top artists. Gianni says, “Our test project exploded, and the industry is taking notice.” In just one week, their first album received over 200 thousand plays.
An experiment in having a little fun has now turned music into full-blown careers for both of them. It took two weeks to create the album, and they documented the entire process on YouTube. “I’ve worked on countless viral marketing campaigns,” explains Justin. “It was interesting to combine the power of social media with music.”
A viral music group with a large-scale audience, BUDDIEZ is looking towards the future, producing groundbreaking music and reaching even bigger audiences. Focused on now creating something with staying power BUDDIEZ proves that there is an artist in each of us. It just takes a little experimentation to get it out.

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