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Virginia Recording Artist Michael Stefan Talks New Single “Left Eye” Feat. D. Hayes

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Multi-Talented, emerging artist Michael Stefan is back with his latest offering featuring D. Hayes, “Left Eye” The Hampton Roads, Virginia artist puts his all into every track delivering nothing short of soul summoning art, we can’t deny. As an artist, producer and songwriter, this triple threat delivers music from the eyes & heart of an observer, with the intent of listeners ultimately being/feeling the best version of themselves.

The essence of Michael’s being is the making of innovative music today. Quality over quantity. Michael Stefan isn’t a human! He literally embodies the art form. “Music is my therapy. I need it. Anyone who’s seen death close up along with drug abuse impacting those you love understand it will force you to at the least feel. Music is feeling,” said Michael. The message in Stefan’s unique approach to music shows anyone listening to just be themselves; whether it be good, bad or indifferent. Life Happens!

Currently Michael Stefan has released “Left eye”, the single in which is now being played and climbing the charts. With so much more in store according to the emerging artist and the CEO of Black Ink Management & Music Group Ronnie (R.Wayne) Hatchett, we had a chance to catch up with Michael for a brief interview. Check it out below.

For those who are unfamiliar with your music, who is Michael Stefan?

Michael Stefan is Michael Stefan, spiritual, cultural, and regular. Music is my life long passion, a way of expressing the energy within my own mind. Michael Stefan is a flavor for those thirsty for passion, creativity, and truth.

Who or where do you go for inspiration and creativity in your music?

Self. I am self mastered. I know who and what I am. Music is just a vehicle for me to touch people with genuine interest in my art.

You recently dropped “Left Eye” featuring D. Hayes. What is the story behind that song?

There isn’t a story lol. Left Eye is the first record I decided to drop with D Hayes. Hayes is an amazing producer I’ve enjoyed working with. I’m an indie, working in partnership with Ceo Ron Hatchett of Black Ink Management & Music Group (BIMMG). Our recordings are distributed through Bungalo Records|Universal UMG, so finding/building my own team has been paramount. Now Back to Hayes! Hayes threw me some beats that were crazy! He has phenomenal production, we came to terms on the business end for releases and history is now being made. He and I have more music to come and when I say fire I mean fire: Left Eye is moving on the charts now, and we look forward to bringing the people nothing but HEAT!!!

Who’s on your favorite playlist right now, and who would you like to work with on forthcoming projects?

I want to work with Drake, 50 cent, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, 24kGoldn, Lil Wayne, HOV, Pusha T, and Kanye if he ever makes rap music again.

What’s next? What can we expect from Michael Stefan in the near future?

World dominance. I’m going out as one of the greatest mcs ever…….. I love rap. I love music. I could do this for free not none of that perpetrating money hungry dilute the culture trash! Real pinky and the brain vibes.

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