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How George Dickinson and Lil Bibby Transformed Grade A Productions into a Leading Record Label

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Few people have an in-depth understanding of music, production, and the business behind the spotlight like Lil Bibby and his brother George have. Lil Bibby started as a rapper, but he had bigger dreams and founded Grade A Productions with his brother George.

In 2017, Lil Bibby and George Dickinson decided to start a record label after having a successful rap career. After months of hustling and networking with people in the industry, they signed the upcoming rapper Juice WRLD that same year. Lil Bibby and George heard his song Lucid Dreams and, from then on, knew he was going to become a household name. After signing with the Dickinson brother’s record label, Juice WRLD released his studio album called Goodbye and Good Riddance. People loved it, and it was trending in no time. Juice WRLD also released All Girls Are The Same, Lean Wit Me, and Death Race for Love soon after. These trending singles transformed Grade A Productions into a leading record label.

Both Lil Bibby and George Dickinson grew up in Chicago under harsh environments. Their mother was a drug addict, and they were surrounded by drugs all the time. At age 13, they were already on the streets selling drugs. Lil Bibby also got shot several times before he turned 18. They never had a father to help guide them on the right path. However, they did have music. Both had some good childhood friends, and together, they were obsessed with music. During this time, he drowned himself in self-development books and decided that he wanted a music career.

Given their challenging life experiences and notable successes, their story is quite inspiring.

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