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‘Vulnerability’ and ‘Honesty’ Are the Heart and Soul of Paul Hernandez’s Life-Touching Music

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Passion is an important thing to have when it comes to one’s career. Giving your whole soul to your career and being passionate on top makes it the best choice – just like Paul Hernandez. Paul is a recording artist, songwriter, and music enthusiast from Canada who is dedicated to influencing society through his music and illuminating lyrics. He believes that being open and honest and vulnerable makes the music he makes all the more affirming.

“Music that shapes culture is the only kind of music worth making or listening to,” said Paul. According to his audience, he has the sound and delivery of an experienced veteran, with a balanced voice and the sense of self-discovery that millennials take pride in. lately, he has been severely busy trying to come up with his own unique sound and releasing tracks that have garnered praise from everywhere.

His last release earlier this year was his newest project, a powerful interplay on the faith of an individual and their beliefs titled “Deeper Things” which led to Paul being labeled by radio stations and magazines as their “Artist of the month.” This lively interchange of faith is something that Paul believes in deeply which is why he incorporated it with his own style. “Music that is about finding purpose through anxiety and faith is such that it can change people’s lives. I truly believe in the necessity of acknowledging vulnerability and honesty in ourselves,” said Paul. All his hard work and diligence have led to the establishment of connections with artists everywhere who share his vision.

Paul’s sound is a fresh and intuitive take on existing tropes and his artistic style is considered by many to be a cavalcade of many styles bridging the gap between the diverse spectrum of all these styles and influences.

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