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Don-Juan Talks About His Upbringing and His New Success

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Don-Juan is no stranger to the influence hip-hop can have on people. Growing up in the same neighborhood Future grew up in made it inevitable that he would aspire to the same career. Although he grew up in Eastside, Atlanta, where music is primarily influenced by Southern rap, he had a different taste. Instead, his work was inspired by New York based artists like Jay-Z. 

Don is focused and dedicated, he turns every opportunity into a prospering one. He knows that this industry is driven by relationships, which is why he provides value to others lives. This way of living has worked so well with him that he managed to make a song with Future titled “ Lifestyle”. Since this release, his career has only moved up and lead his to new opportunities.
Now, Don owns a music company that helps young talent flourish in the music industry. Don has a great eye not only for rap, but for all talent. He will help any artist that has the dedication, talent, and most importantly, passion to being successful in any genre they are in.

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