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Louisville Artist WIGZ Is Charging Up For His Next Release “If You A Bad One” After Name Change

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About a week ago, star college baseball prospect and up and coming rapper, Ben Wiegman, decided to undergo a name change to WIGZ after PR complications. This move was tough, but necessary, as his music began to take traction after his release of “On The Map”. In December 2020, the attention the single gained made it clear he needed to separate his collegiate career from his rise to rap stardom.


To celebrate and set forth his new name change, WIGZ announced that he will be releasing a single on the 14th of May. From what sources say, the track will be bright and bouncy and has the potential of hitting it big on the viral TikTok platform as well as the club setting. With the track being mixed by all-star engineer Makalo and FLVWLESS, the single is expected to come with a high quality like the last singles by WIGZ.


With the official name change to “WIGZ” all eyes will be on the Louisville rapper from here on out. With the fresh name change as well as his previous record “On The Map” reaching 130k streams, WIGZ couldn’t have a better momentum and is in the perfect position for his new release.

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