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Josh Clarke, Canada’s Secret Weapon

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Josh Clarke is a dynamic songwriter and music recording artist who revels in the art of story-telling over fiery R&B-alternative production. His sound is not only influenced by music but also by fashion. It’s no wonder Josh touts Virgil Abloh as one of his key influences based on the aesthetics of his work and his path to success. A story of small beginnings to massive triumphs is a blueprint that Josh can identify with and has set for his own trajectory.

Josh grew up in an authentically musical family. He learned to play the drums at a very young age and went on to not only teach himself to play piano but also to sing – Creating his own identity to break in to the music industry. Since then he has been named one of Canada’s next biggest artists from popular blog “City in Three”. Josh has opened for numerous superstars including Lil Durk, social media icons The Clermont Twins and international artists such as Runtown and Ycee. Plus Josh has sung the national anthems for as many as 25,000 screaming fans and performed at summer festivals and opened up TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) with a phenomenal performance at the Addison, leaving the Toronto scene wanting more.

“Josh displays a tastefully-raw, aggressive yet controlled lyrical delivery…”

In August of 2018 Josh released his first EP “24 Hours” and since then he has been working consistently, in the studio, creating music including his next highly anticipated single “Labeled a Boss”. The single was released on October 31, 2020 with a new energy than before, a different wave than previously explored. Josh displays a tastefully-raw, aggressive yet controlled lyrical delivery, backed by an uptempo darkly-layered track. This new sound is setting the stage for what’s to come as Josh gears up to work with some of the industry’s brightest artists, producers, creative directors and brands to become one of the top artists out of Canada.

Check his upcoming single feat. fellow canadian TVGUCCI that will be sure to capture your ears very soon!

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