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Meesh X Rio Da Yung OG “Really Live That” (Official Music Video)

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“It Aint Just Rap” the label Founded by Meesh a upcoming artist out of the city of Detroit, though he’s new to the spotlight hes no stranger to the entertainment world having growing up and being groomed by one of the hottest urban rap groups of the early 2000’s (Streetlords) its safe to say he was “Born in and not Sworn in” but trust me when i say no short cuts or hand outs were given Meesh worked very hard at entrepreneurship to be able to fund all of his own projects from finding and paying for his own producers, videographer, beats and connecting with other upcoming Detroit artist such as Icewear Vezzo, Babyface Ray and his latest collab with Rio Da Yung Og for song and video “Really Live That” directed by @shotbysuav3 and produced by @princejeff Meesh is the epiphany of making away out of no way and starting from the bottom as the saying “It Aint Just Rap” started out as just a song title it has now grown into a Brand itself its a record label that gives platforms to other upcoming artists out the city, “It Aint Just Rap” also has its own merch such as Hat’s, T-shirts and backpacks that are filled with school supplies and donated at the beginning of the school year to inner city kids to hear more about Meesh on his road to success follow him on ig @ “I Aint Just Rap” The Brand “Meesh The Mogul “The label” that sends the check early.

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