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Pure Skies Offers Up New Single “I Swear”

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Fresh to the scene artist Pure Skies is taking his career to the next level and pursuing his music career head-on. He has been surrounded by music for as long as he can remember, so it is finally time for him to pull the trigger. He recently dropped a single titled “I Swear,” and it is one of his best songs to date.


I Swear” speaks on not going back to being the person you swore you never would. Within the lyrics, you can hear the emotions and meaning behind Pure Skies words, identifying that his intentions are genuine. This is something that many can relate to and has helped Skies build his fan base from the personal connection.


As time goes on and his sound gets more dialed in, look for Pure Skies to be one of the industry’s biggest names. He has put in the work and is ready to rise to any opportunity presented his way. 


Stream “I Swear” on Spotify here.

Follow Pure Skies on Instagram here.

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