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Vandes Jackson Drops New “Missing You” Visual Featuring Sy Ari Da Kid

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Vandes Jackson Releases New Visual Featuring Sy Ari Da Kid Titled “Missing You”

Producer/songwriter Vandes Jackson continues to shake up the music industry and dives into the nostalgia of personal relationships in his latest single titled, “Missing You” featuring Sy Ari Da Kid. 

This single coming just a month after “Old Dude”, a week after “Get It”, and “20Mg”, Sy Ari ‘s highly anticipated accompaniment has been well received to say the least. 

Regarding the new single, Vandes states, “As a producer, I’m winning. The ultimate W you can get in this game is to produce a song for someone you listened to growing up. Also, Sy is Grammy Nominated, so it’s non negotiable that I was destined to get this opportunity. I’m blessed to say that the icing on the cake would be the feature itself from such a stellar songwriter. I’ve learned so much from him and his team throughout this last year I’ve been in Los Angeles. ‘Missing You’ comes from a deep place of security…that’s why I’m so vulnerable in my writing these days. I’m comfortable with putting emotion in my music because my fans appreciate the fact that I’m not a robot. I feel everything they do, I just portray it peculiarly by nature. It’s give and take, but at the end of the day…we’ve all loved and missed that one special someone…” 

A video for the track ‘Missing You’, was released April 9 with the single. 

Last August, the artist released the highly successful self produced ‘Rockstar Trap Music,’ featuring introspective lyrics, energetic wordplay, and custom production bridging the gap between producer and the epitome of a modern day rockstar.

During a recent video shoot with the producer in Los Angeles, Vandes Jackson talked about his approach to composing. “It’s literally about how something feels. I know a pure frequency in the studio will touch you because the vibes are pure from the jump“ he says. “I go into my workspace, I determine the texture of the song before anything else, then I create. You can think of texture and timbre being the same, but it’s all about what I can make you feel. If I’m working on the fly, You can pretty much guarantee I’m coming out of the gate with something you’ll nod your head to because that’s what I’m going for when I work on the fly. A good vibe always just ‘makes sense’. Vibes in the purest form. Musically and theoretically, it has to make sense.”

About Vandes: 

Vandes Jackson is an American record producer, musician, songwriter, and artist. He’s a Chicago native currently residing in Los Angeles. 

Instagram: @vandesjackson_official 

Twitter: @vandesjackson_

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