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Texas artist Marley is from Brenham Texas. He was raised in Houston Texas. At the age of 10 

He was in a church choir. He has always been an independent artist. His cousin Neil Thomas has always supported him with his career. Marley stated, “we all face obstacles but it’s all about what you do to over come them”. Marley also stated he took rapping seriously after the death of his best friend known as “scrappy” his favorite artist is “ Da Real Gee Money” known for a song called “Industry” which is directed towards an

other Baton Rouge rapper well known by NBA Young Boy .


All of Marleys songs are pain related except for one song called pandora box. Marley stated all I do everyday is go to work and take care of my kids, smoke and sleep, I try to stay home to avoid any outside problems. Marley also stated 

Dont let anything you go through in life be your crutches, If you are capable to make some anything happen by any means, anything is possible.

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