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OGM (Our Generation Music) Official Website and Blog to Launch In May 2021

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OGM (Our Generation Music) has been on the grind since 2014. The owners Ivan Parra, & Miguel Sarabia (Mikey) have been working closely on building the company through Instagram and are now ready to launch their Website & Blog in May 2021. 

OGM was able to grow a massive Instagram account with 376K followers, but in November 2017 their page was deleted, causing them to start from the ground up. Due to the loyalty in the music industry and their supporters, they were able to rebuild a new page to over half a million by April of 2021. Now, OGM is one of the most reliable sources for hip-hop, music and cultural news. In addition to their on-going instagram success, they expanded to creating their own original content. Here you will find OGM introducing their new host, Hakeem Rowe, who takes on a new angle with OGM interviews. Hakeem agrees that although downfalls are great to learn from, he instead finds value in highlighting the success of an artist’s career. You can also find Hakeem hosting behind the scenes vlogs at some of the hottest shows, parties, and festivals on the OGM YouTube channel. 


If you want the latest updates on culture, hip-hop news, and even sneak peeks at OGM Concerts, then be sure to visit their new website launching in May 2021. 


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