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Landry & Tousley Have Artists’ Best Interests In Their ‘DNA’

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James Landry & Elliot Tousley are the cofounders of De Novo Agency. Both featured in Yahoo, they’ve built an artist-forward agency on a meteoric rise since its 2017 inception. They’ve partnered with over 450 independent artists on more than 2,000 individual marketing campaigns spanning across Spotify, YouTube, and more.
Tousley, the company’s artist development specialist, was an artist himself, adding a layer of personalization that is often missing from the business side of things. Landry is an entertainment lawyer with a passion for the arts who places an emphasis on the fact that his company isn’t interested in taking royalties from their roster. This kind of artist-forward thinking is a large part of what separates De Novo Agency from the competition.
Their “Business of Music Podcast” drops weekly gems for rising, independent artists looking to improve upon their understanding of a complex and often unforgiving industry. Thriving off of the well-deserved success of DNA (De Novo Agency), the pair is poised to launch Songflowr, a music distribution platform built upon their aforementioned experience and laurels. All love and respect to James Landry and Elliot Tousley for treating artists with the same, give these two gents and their companies a look/follow at the links:

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